8 Gold Hinoki Cypress Tree Seeds-1236

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**I LOVE plants that can be neglected and still thrive well!** **GROWN ON OUR FARM HERE IN TENNESSEE** DWARF "Gold" HINOKI CYPRESS The Dwarf Gold Hinoki Cypress has a wonderful shape of genuine miniatures, with a minimum annual growth rate of 1/2"/12 mm per year. They makes an ideal plant for miniature gardens or Exotic flower gardens. The Dwarf Hinoki grows into an irregular, but charming conical shape with short, flattened sprays of leaves with silver markings on the underside. They are use to extreme heat and humidity. Hinokis can tolerate part shade and do well in full sun, making them a versatile plant for the hobbyist. Ideal in containers they prefer moist, and can tolerate drought better than any other Chamaecyparis species. Native to Taiwan and Japan! This is truly a great plant for miniature gardening. It has a very nice finely textured foliage that stays a brilliant gold. Well behaved and low-maintenance. Grow in full sun for best colors! , is also great in trough or rock gardens! Light Needs: Full sun. Water Needs: Regular Hardiness: -30º to -20ºF Growth Rate: average Shape: Globe Recommended USDA Zone: 3 Recommended color pairing: Dark green, reddish green and gray green, yellows #1236 *