8 Dwarf Yellow Orchid Tree Seeds-1237

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Dwarf Yellow Orchid Tree
Striking subtropical tree with profuse blooms of large, Yellow orchid-like flowers throughout winter and spring!
Bauhinia tomentosa

Native to Africa, India and China, this hard to find exotic is easily grown as a very unusual house or conservatory plant,small tree growing to 4-5 feet . Outside they may be grown as a small tree and rarely exceed 6' in height. Branches droop with very distinct leaves and fragrant yellow tulip-like pendulous flowers face downward and have a black marking in the centre that resembles a purple heart. Easy from seed and a very fast grower!!!!. This one is well worth growing inside as a potted specimen.
hardy to the 10's to 20's The flowers look much like orchid flowers, hence its common name. The leaves are bi-lobed and have a tropical look, making this species a wonderful, though somewhat uncommon ornamental. This species is low-growing, and has more of a dwarfing habit!
Uncommon outside of its native range, but very attractive as an ornamental. Fairly tough once established and makes an excellent flowering ornamental tree for the subtropical or tropical garden.Small Tree, growing to 5-6 feet