7 Yellow Trumpet Bush Seeds-1137B

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*Tecoma stans*

. "Quite unique". I "LOVE" plants that can be neglected and still thrive well.


Detailed Description...

This is an Very Easy to Grow and Gloriously Floriferous Plant that has Great Showy Eye Appeal !!!!!!

Herbaceous Perennial to Zone 7.

Annual everywhere else !!!!


From Seeds germinate readily Easily in Any Soil in the SpringTime!!!!

Plant it in the Garden because it is so Beautiful !!!!!!

Tecoma stans is a species of flowering perennial shrub in the Bignoniaceae Family, that is native to the Americas. Common names include Yellow Trumpetbush, Yellow Bells (Geelklokkies in Afrikaans), Yellow Elder, Ginger-thomas, and Esperanza (Spanish for "hope"). Tecoma stans is the official flower of the United States Virgin Islands and the national flower of The Bahamas.

Yellow Trumpetbush is an attractive plant that is cultivated as an ornamental. It has sharply-toothed, lance-shaped green leaves and bears large, showy, bright golden yellow trumpet-shaped flowers. It is drought-tolerant and grows well in warm climates.

The flowers attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds!!!!

The plant produces pods containing yellow seeds with papery wings.

The plant is desirable fodder when it grows in fields grazed by livestock!!!

Yellow Trumpetbush is a ruderal species, readily colonizing disturbed, rocky, sandy, and about any soil!!!!

This is a very showy plant, with clusters of vivid yellow flowers. In the summer, Steal's the thunder from all other flowers !!!!

With Alot hummingbirds Flying over this Bush/Tree, it’s keep busy all summer with hummers, butterflies, and bees of all types !!!!!

USDA Zones 7 - 11