7 World's Largest Black Peanuts-1134A

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**I LOVE plants that can be neglected and still thrive well!**


** WORLD'S RAREST BLACK PEANUTS **Caution: A rare and very hard to find heirloom that has be growing in the Delta in South Africa for over 3000 years!

Black peanuts are an heirloom variety of peanuts that are covered with a black/purple skin. They have a wonderful intense sweet, rich and nutty flavour,.!!!!!!!
Peanuts originate from South Africa, and have been in cultivation there for at least three thousand years. The black peanut is known throughout Latin America as cacahuete negro. Peanuts have also played a large part in the culinary history of the American South, where they are known as pindars. The black peanut in particular may have been used by African slaves as a substitute for black bambarra, which is important in African folk medicine as an aphrodisiac!
You could also try growing them in containers.....fun for all the family when harvest time comes round!
Kids love to grow these, too!
Happy gardening!