7 Snake Gourd Seeds-1171

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The Snake Gourd, Wild, Exotic, And Tasty

There are a couple of different types of Snake gourd, one is grown strictly for its ornamental value, a common use for many types of gourds. The other, discussed here, is Trichosanthes cucumeria, exotic and entertaining to grow, while at the same time finding many uses in the kitchen.

A Sci-Fi Monster? - The Snake gourd is appropriately named. It can achieve lengths of up to 6 feet and grows from rapidly spreading vines. Just the right combination for a science fiction movie, except the only danger the snake gourd might present would be getting a stomach ache from eating too much of it. Most gourds we are familiar with are either inedible, or not particularly edible, and are used for decorations, and at times for vases, bowls, or utensils. The one gourd we do eat plenty of is the pumpkin, a member of the gourd family. The squash is also a close relative. There are over 700 species of gourd, each one having a seemingly stranger shape or pattern of colors than the next.