7 Red Scuppernong/Muscadine Grape Seeds-1230

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GIANT RED TAME MUSCADINE/SCUPPERNONG MAXIMA **GROWN HERE ON OUR FARM IN TENNESSEE!** . "Quite unique". I "LOVE" plants that can be neglected and still thrive well. Detailed Description...RED TAME GIANT SCUPPERNONG/MUSCADINE GRAPE Very large Red grape (up to 1 3/8") with excellent quality even before fully ripe. Very large clusters and super sweet. 21% sugar!!! Ripens late September. This marvellous variety are the best! Plant just 6' apart. A superb giant variety and a must for gardens everywhere. Highly recommended. The ideal for the best eating,canning, & wine making berry's ever! Sweetest Muscadines/Scuppernongs ripen from late July through mid Sepember. They will often be on the vine until the first fall frost comes. These are BIG really BIG! Heavy producer of very large Red grape with red skin. seeded grapes that grow in large, loose clusters and are often harvested as individual berries. They WILL Red in color. And they are so0ooo0oo delicious! A true Southern treat! #1230 * We offer combine shipping ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!****