7 Large Lumina Pumpkin Seeds-1000

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This novel pumpkin is perfect for carving, painting and decorating. Mid-sized fruits grow 8-10 in. tall, weigh up to 12 lbs. Smooth and pure white outside; all fine-grained orange flesh inside. 95 DAYS. May start seeds indoors 3 weeks prior to planting outdoors. Do not disturb roots when transplanting. It is best to start seeds in peat pots to avoid transplant shock. Sow seeds outdoors only after all danger of frost is past. Seed will not germinate in cold soil, and frost will kill the plants. Thin fruits to one per vine if you want larger pumpkins. Fertilize prior to planting outdoors and every 3 weeks. Harvest when fully mature or after light frost kills the vines. Cultivate shallowly and frequently to keep weeds under control until the vines spread to cover the soil. Keeps well.