7 Giant Bird of Paradise Seeds-1109A

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***** Giant Strelitzia Nicolia *****

White Bird-of-Paradise

Strelitzia nicolai Regel & K. Koch

Common Name: Bird of Paradise Tree, Natal Wild Banana
Family: Strelitziaceae (Schumann) Hutch.
Country of Origin: South Africa
Habitat: evergreen coastal forest and thickets
Description: larger and treelike; inflorescence compound, bracts reddish-brown; petals light mauve or blue to nearly white, tongue boat-shaped, hastate at base, margins turned inward and meeting over the center.
USDA Zone: 8-11
Showy spring floral display!
There is very little to match these giant tropicals for their fragrance,and exotic
flower displays,
and ease of growing!

White Bird-of-Paradise is most often planted for its large, banana-like leaves and upright, clumping stalks which give an exotic feel to the landscape. Plants can reach 20 to 30 feet in height with a spread of 10 feet !
A true "GIANT"!!!
The five to eight-foot-long, cold-tender leaves are arranged in a fanlike display from the erect trunks!
**** E~Z GROW ****