7 Chinese Love Vine Seeds-1189

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ANTIGONON leptopus "Chinese love vine"

PhotoThis beautiful flowering climber may be grown as a hanging basket and may also be grown as a trellis. It produces racemes of bright pink flowers. Underground tubers are edible

Antigonon Leptopus
Chinese Love Vine

This fast growing beautiful vine, is just bursting with pink from mid-summer to fall, also known as the Chinese Love vine. Climbing with trendrils up to 40 feet, with heart shaped leaves and flowers.

Hardy in zones 8-12, if grown in zone 7, there will be a top die back & the roots must be heavily mulched. This also can be potted & cut back to bring indoors for protection.
7 seeds of this tender perennial vine that can easily grow to 30-40 ft in length and uses its tendrils climb with. Returning each spring if a hard frost has occured during the winter, the coral vine has attractive green heart-shaped leaves that are 3-4 inches across. In summer the vine produces large branching flower stalks with masses of small bright pink flowers and is hardy in zones 8b-11.