5 Puya Chilensis Flower Seeds-1212

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**I LOVE plants that can be neglected and still thrive well!**


** 5 Puya chilensis Seeds** truly one of God's wonders!

Puya chilensis, is a terrestrial bromeliad originating from the arid hillsides of Chile. An evergreen perennial it forms large, dense rosettes of grey-green, strap like leaves edged with hooked spines. The green-yellow flowers are born on spikes up to 2 m high and which resemble a medieval mace. Spreading by offsets; over time Puya chilensis can colonise large areas.

Puya chilensis is easily raised from seed and when young can make a fine house plant. If grown outside it is able to withstand light frosts and may even survive brief overnight temperatures as low as minus five degrees Celsius. In colder regions it will require some winter protection and is best either grown in a conservatory or in a pot and brought inside during winter. Puya chilensis requires a well drained soil. #1212

** Puya , Chagual - Terrestrial Bromeliad - Succulent **