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** 5 Giant Granadilla Seeds**

The Giant Granadilla
There are dozens of species of passion vine grown, but one that always gets a lot of attention in the landscape is the Giant Granadilla Passiflora quadrangularis. This giant vigorous form of the passion vine has large five to seven inch leaves arranged alternately on the stem and this can grow as much as fifty feet or more in one growing season.

The stems are quadrangular in cross section and this is where the variety derives it's botanical name. During the warm season, large five inch beautiful red and purple fragrant flowers are produced that because of their weight hang down rather than stand up where you can see them easily. For best fruiting, flowers should be hand pollinated and the fruit grow rapidly up to a length of a foot and turn light yellow to medium yellow when mature.

This fruit can be used when it's green as a vegetable, and in the tropics is often boiled and eaten that way. When fully ripe, the flesh can be eaten too, either alone or in combination with such fruits as papaya and pineapple. The pulp around the seeds, is used to flavor ice cream and to make cooling drinks.

Vines are easily propagated by the seed collected from fruit, or it can be propagated under mist from soft cuttings. Most passion vines grow well over a variety of soil types, but might suffer micro-nutrient deficiencies on highly alkaline soils. Most passion vines benefit from annual pruning to control their size and to produce young juvenile wood which produces more flowers and fruits!

Passiflora quadrangularis or Giant Granadilla is the biggest!

It’s not frost tolerant but its huge and striking flowers, fruit and vigorous growth make it a must have in your collection.!
Flowers are remarkable: red, violet and white, about 10 cm (4″) in diameter and fragrant!

Fruit is the biggest among the Passiflora: 30 (1′) cm long and weighing a few kilos. They are usually used in fruit juice. Green or yellow!

Leaves are pale green and oval, about 25 cm (10″) long!

The stem is four-sided, hence the name "quadrangularis" !

* A true GIANT ! *



Very easy


The fruit is edible - mainly used in juice!

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