5 Giant Aztec Spinach Seeds-1249

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**I LOVE plants that can be neglected and still thrive well!**


Giant Aztec Spinach have crinkled, curly leaves with a springy texture. Smooth-leaf spinach has flatter, softer leaves!

Spinach is a nutritional powerhouse, containing more iron by weight than a hamburger !

In addition to significant amounts of vitamins A, K, manganese, folate and several anti-oxidant flavonoid compounds!

Fast grower!

Giant smooth arrowhead shape leaf, twice as big as others, huge yield, rich mild flavor!

This plant loves hot weather !

The plants are very large and spreading and can handle droughts!

They are disease and insect resistant!

It produces large, thick, tender, dark green triangular leaves!

The more you cut them, the more they will produce!

Plant 2’ apart !

Tender leaves are great for canning, steaming or salads!