5 Changsa Madarin Tangerine Tree Seeds-1155A

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The Changsha tangerine (Citrus reticulata) tree produces fall to winter crops of sweet, seedy small tangerines. It typically fruits heavily in alternate years. Changsha can survive where yearly rainfall averages less than 1 inch of water per week. The tree has also tolerated a temperature of 4 degrees Fahrenheit .
These deliciously sweet, small and deeply orange fruits known as clementines and available throughout the winter, come from China tangerine trees and are sometimes called Winter tangerines. Botanically, they are a type of mandarin orange, and whether you are interested in growing them yourself or just trying to find out more about them, they have a fascinating history

'Changsha' Tangerines,Citrus reticulata, one of the most cold-hardy varieties

"Chengsha' are prolific producers"'
Changsha Mandarin Plant (extra hardiness) Changsha: Changshas come from the foothills of China and are very cold hardy once they have grown to maturity. Fruits are small, bright orange. The flavor is very sweet and is very good as a juicer. Hardy to around 4 F.