5 Amazon SuNflower Seeds-1027

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AMAZON - SUNFLOWER *16 to 24 feet ! 5 SEEDS AMAZON'S grows HUGE!!! This large yellow flower also has a yellow& black centers, creating a very sunny-looking TREE!! The variety grows rapidly from seed and is a heavy cropper and produces edible seeds to dry and leave out for birds or save as snacks! A tall-growing sunflower variety, will reach between 16 to 24 feet!!! Their giant plate-shaped flowers can reach over 12 inches wide!! When planted along a fence or wall, they create a spectacular explosion of color once they mature!!!! As with all sunflowers, they require a full sun position for maximum results. Sunflowers will always be grown as long as there are children and competitions! Just the word sunflower conjures up a scene of tall plants with great yellow plate-sized faces, following the sun as it moves. For many gardeners, sunflowers simply form part of the summer display, but for others sunflowers present an opportunity for a contest: who can grow the largest?