25 White Raspberry Seeds-1277

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**25 Giant White Fengmanhong Raspberry Seeds**

(Tetraploid W R. Parvifolius)

• Huge, delicious berries
• A long season of fruiting
• Disease and drought resistance

Giant White Flavorful raspberries of the highest quality can be grown right in your own backyard! 'GIANT FENGMANHONG' Raspberries are the most popular of all white raspberries!

Size 3 and 3.3cm wide!

A vigorous, hardy plant that thrives in most soil types, and even tolerates the coldest of climates! Zones 4-9

A trouble-free berry bush... just plant, then pick for years to come.

This "Giant Big boy" will provide you with a bountiful harvest in June. High in antioxidants, these raspberries are so nutritious and flavorful!
Great for jams and jellies & wines!

These new raspberry bushes produce bushels of plump, juicy berries for months. You'll enjoy these delicious berries from June until winter... much longer than most berry bushes!

Great for small yards or tiny areas… these raspberry bushes only grow to 4 to 6 feet wide.

Giant Raspberries are great for southern states because they are extremely drought tolerant once they reach maturity, but they can grow up north as well!
Expect "HUGE" raspberries wherever you plant them!

And they aren't finicky like other berry bushes. Plant them in full sun to get the best results for full, tasty fruit all summer and fall!

Don't wait! The sooner your 'GIANT' raspberries are planted, the sooner you'll be enjoying a plentiful supply of sun-ripened berries whenever you walk into your backyard!