25 Giant White Turnip Seeds-1130A

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**I LOVE plants that can be neglected and still thrive well!**


** 25 Giant white Turnip Seeds**

Botanical Name: Brassica rapa maximum....are sweet, crisp, white fleshed and the skin turns a little white pink after the first frost!

Seeds can be planted for a great fall/winter crops!
Foliage is dark green and excellent cooked like greens/collards!

Turnips can reach "HUGE" sizes and average up to 10-25 pounds and up!

Great storage variety!

The GIANT WHITE TURNIPS is the largest heirloom that traces back to the 17th Century with a finer-than-usual consistency with sweetest taste! Unusual and "HUGE" in the garden and on the plate!

And is the best tasting Heirloom turnips!
This turnip is a very old variety, dating before 1760!

It is a favorite for its bright white color and unbeatable sweet fruits and very tasty extra tall greens!

This Turnip is remarkably easy to grow, yields a large crop and can be planted in spring and successively all the way through late summer. A light frost will actually enhance the flavor!!

Ideal for fall and winter harvest!

The Turnip globes can grow to 16” in diameter but, for the best flavor, harvest when they are at a 8"-9" diameter!

Giant White Turnips are very versatile and store well! Try using Turnips in place of potatoes. They are also delicious raw, for pickling and general cooking. Turnip greens are delicious and can be cooking. Turnip greens are delicious and can be cooked, stir-fried, used in soups, enjoyed raw or as a garnish!

In Europe,Giant turnips used to be seen as objects that could ward off demons and devils, and this is where the first Jack-o-Lanterns came from. They were hollowed out and a burning ember was inserted, which now is what we do with pumpkins on Halloween.

The nutritional value of turnips for humans can be summarized as low in fat and calories but very high in vitamin C and fiber!

The greens have vitamins A and K in addition to the Vitamin C, foliate, and beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin, which are common antioxidants.

Today’s gardeners are always trying to grow the biggest tomato, watermelon or pumpkin. Back in the 1800′s the prize of every gardener was a gigantic turnip. 33 lbs. monsters were quite common and a grower in California was said to have grown a turnip of over 99 lbs. in 1850!

Consumed by livestock, is of very high quality in turnips in relation to that of other commonly grown plants. Grazing animals consume the stems, leaves, and roots of the plants. The stems and leaves contain about 20-25% crude protein, 65-80% in vitro , TWICE AS MUCH AS CORN!!!

These plants have unlimited uses due to their multiple edible parts, and their nutritional benefits are of great value to both humans and animals. Cultivation

* A true GIANT ! *

Germination: Easy

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