25 Giant Mathiola Incana Mix seeds-1106A

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***** Giant Matthiola incana mix *****

**25 Matthiola incana Maximus mix seeds**

Tall, bushy and easy to raise plants with a glorious fragrance which are ideal for bedding or for growing in drifts in the border. The large, showy richly fragrant flower spikes come in a fine mixture of colours including crimson, scarlet, rose, pink, purple, lavender and white!

These Giant Stocks can be sown early in spring so give a good summer flower display,
or can be treated as biennials.
Showy spring floral display!
They will provide continuous flowering over spring and summer!
Stocks also make magnificent winter flowering in potted plants !

A truly very fragrant bed of the most showest plants in the garden makes spring and early summer delightful!
There is very little to match these giants for their fragrance,
flower displays,
and ease of growing!

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