25 Giant Lupine flower Mix Seeds-1091

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The Lupine that gardeners have relied on for decades as a source of vibrant, majestic late-spring to early-summer color, lupine is a trouble-free, reliable garden performer that will bring many years of delight from a single sowing! The tall blooms arise along at least 1/3 of these tall, erect 3-foot spikes, opening from the bottom up for an even longer bloomtime! Vigorous, fully hardy plants spread about 12 to 16 inches wide, creating a bushy mat of bright green foliage beneath the bloomspikes. And with this mix, you'll get every lupine available, including striking bicolors!
A magnet for butterflies, this lupine mix fills the summer garden with bright color and great vertical accent.Long-lasting in the garden or vase, it is a great size for the back of the border or for the sunny bed.
These prized plants are not hard to grow, and in fact, many of the wild species are permanent features in wildflower meadows. The lupine flower are a bit more fussy. They are best where soils are rich and conditions are cool. In zones 4 and 5 they are fine, but considered a "short-lived" perennial, even in New England.