25 Carolina Reaper Pepper Seeds-1319

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(25) CAROLINA REAPER PEPPER SEEDS ****World's Hottest Pepper****

Rated as the world's hottest chili pepper by Guinness World Records since 2014
"So its like Melting Steel"
The blood flow increases and the endorphins start flowing! Their faces turn red, the sweat starts rolling, their eyes and noses water and there's a fiery sensation that spreads across their tongues and down their throats!
The chili pepper scored the highest among a handful of chili cultivars reputed to be among the hottest in the world. Its mean heat topped more than Over 2 million units on the Scoville heat scale, while fruits from an individual plant can reached 3 million heat units!!!!
Aside from the heat, has a tender good flavor, The pepper can be grown from seeds in most all parts of the world.
Caution: The fruits of this chile variety are extremely hot. It is advised to wear gloves when handling the peppers, keep them away from children, and thoroughly clean all kitchen utensils like cutting boards, knives etc. When grinding dried , wear a breathing mask, protect your eyes. Don't touch any sensitive parts anytime, anywhere!