20 Oleander Seeds-1321

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Very Showy Flowers and intoxicating Oleander scent that fills the air like clouds of sweet perfume. The Oleander is one of the most incredible compliments on our sences, and not only because of it's delightful fragrance.

An attractive evergreen shrub, oleander produces heavily scented flowers all Spring/Summer and Fall.About This Plant
This fast growing evergreen shrub can reach up to 4 ft tall. It forms a rounded mound to about 3 wide. It is a tough, versatile plant with Very Showy Flowers

Tolerates all soils. Does very well in Poor soils.
Watering: Very drought tolerant

Oleander plants (Nerium oleander) are among the most versatile of shrubs, with dozens of uses in southern and coastal landscapes. They tolerate a wide range of conditions, including difficult soil, salt spray, high pH, severe pruning, reflected heat from pavements and walls, and drought. But the one thing they can’t withstand is winter temperatures below -20 degrees Fahrenheit. However, in cooler climates, you can grow an oleander plant in a container and bring it indoors when temperatures drop.\\
All parts of plant are very poisonous to humans and animals.