20 Morado Corn Seed-1045

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Corn was in connection with many great cultures in the New World such as the Inca, Maya and Aztec civilizations. Nowadays several North American Indian tribes – Zuni, Hopi, Navajo – prefer purple corn. The Southwestern American Indian tribes used purple corn as basic material for foods. The New Mexican cuisine is significantly based on these ancient demands so the cultivation and products of purple corn are from these areas. The nutritional values of the purple corn exceed those of the traditional, widely cultivated yellow ones.
Modern Peruvians, as ancient Peruvians also make a drink from the whole corn and cob which they call Chicha morada. With this drink they also like to prepare a very popular dessert called Mazamorra morada. This dessert is prepared especially in October, which celebrates the Lord of Miracles. According to historian Juan Jose Vega, “mazamorra” is a word that comes from the words “masa mora” which in English means “berry mass/mush”, but could just as easily mean “Moorish mush”. This was a type of food of Arab origins, brought to Spain during its years of domination by the Moors.