20 Inca Love Pepper Seed-1219

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**I LOVE plants that can be neglected and still thrive well!**


*20 Inca mayan COBANERO LOVE PEPPER seeds*
Capsicum annuum (L.)
Extremely hot! Cultivated by the Mayans ... Ranks as one of the hottest in the world!

This small conical, slightly heart-shapped pepper ripens from purple to red.

Fruits grow to about 1" on 4ft plants.

Once grown by the Mayan's. Flavor is extremely hot!

Very Hot. This red-skinned, hot pepper grows up to 1 inches long and is widely used.

This variety is believed to be six times hotter than the common CHILI'S!!!!!!!!!

Each of these plants can produce great numbers of peppers, up to 300

and are a great choice for containers.

Warning: Gloves and eye protection and a mask are essential when chopping, peeling or processing this very hot PEPPER!!!!!