20 Confederate Jasmine Vine Seeds-1220

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LOVE plants that can be neglected and still thrive well!** **GROWN ON OUR FARM HERE IN TENNESSEE** ** 20 Confederate Jasmine seeds** TRACHELOSPERMUM.....Description..... .This beautiful very fragrant and energetic evergreen vine creates a special scene all through the year as clambers 40 ft (12 m) up tree trunks using its holdfast roots to pull itself almost to the top. During April and May the plant goes two-tone as it flushes light green with new growth. Shortly thereafter the scene transforms again when the delicate 1 in (2.5 cm) white pinwheel flowers delicately breathe enchanting fragrances into the spring air. Confederate Jasmine is so-named because of its Very rich perfume. The one-inch white pinwheel flowers are extremely numerous & sweetly redolent! Confederate jasmine grows as a neat tangle of slender wiry stems that exude white latex when cut. These are covered with thick glossy evergreen leaves that are 2 in (5 cm) long, oval shaped, and pointed at both ends. The stems will twine and clamber over supports and cling to walls and hard surfaces with great ease and abandon. It will quickly fill a trellis or cover a stump or pillar. It will either climb up or cascade down a high retaining wall. It makes an outstanding boxwood-like hedge or decorative plant container due to its compact habit and dense glossy green foliage. It is generally propagated from the seed. It flowers mainly in spring & early summer, beginning as early as April & not slowing down. A few more flowers will occur to the very end of summer. It's a good vine to place near doorway or a much-used path in order to most appreciate its fragrance! Native to China. Zone 7 ~ 11 #1220