15 Worlds Tallest Grass seeds-1329

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**I LOVE plants that can be neglected and still thrive well!** ****GROWN ON OUR FARM HERE IN TENNESSEE****..One of the fastest growing plants in the world.... Can exceed 30 feet tall!... Looks very impressive!... Highly nutritious feed crop for poultry, sheep, pig & fish,cattle.... Genus: Pennistum.... Species: purpureum... Parts Used: stalk and leaves for animal fodder..... Can be harvested 6-8 times a year! .....Giant grass is adapted to a wide variety of ecological conditions, but is generally associated with feed but can be grown for show!... It's fast-growing and drought-tolerant, producing tons of biomass per acre..... It thrives even in poor soil and is a self-propagating perennial, so it requires little investment once established..... Nutritional Value: Crude protein 18.6%... Fat 4.3% ... Crude fiber 38.6% ... Total Digestible Nutrients: 62%... Relative Feed Value: 111.6% (alfalfa is at 100%) ** Real Easy Grow !!! ** RobsRAREandGIANTseeds