15 White Currant Seeds-1222

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**I LOVE plants that can be neglected and still thrive well!** **GROWN ON OUR FARM HERE IN TENNESSEE** ** 15 WHITE CURRANT BERRY SEEDS ** *In the belief that Bigger is Better*, we sometimes overlook the beauty that small fruits can bring to the garden. A prime example of this is the red and white currants. The bushes are highly ornamental and provide visual appeal, take up a relatively small growing area, and provide plenty of fruit for eating fresh or making into preserves and pies and wines. White grape like, large sweet tasting berries. Extremely vigorous. Used for dessert, jam and wine making! It is thoroughly reliable giving good crops year after year.Bushes can produce 10 - 12 lbs. of berries per bush! hardy to zone 3 The Currant Berry is native to parts of Western Europe. The Whitecurrant is a cultivar of the Redcurrant and is less sour and pale yellow in colour. It is less attractive to birds as they assume that it is not ripe. This is a much overlooked berry, which makes the most sumptuous jelly, and ice cream. It is easy and trouble free to grow, easy to pick, and yet is surprisingly rare on allotments or even to buy the fruit in shops. Two fully grown plants should produce enough fruit for most families. You can have ripe fruit available from July to October. *The bushes are self fertile, and will continue fruiting well for many years with very little attention!*cluster as the fruit is very delicate. The clusters can be frozen whole for jelly or juice! Nutritionally, currants are high in Vitamin C, and also contain traces of Vitamin B, iron, and phosphorus. Discover for yourself that bigger isn't necessarily better. Give these beautiful small fruits a spot in your garden, and you'll reap rewards that are visually and taste appealing! It is easy to grow anywhere, grows in most soils and can even cope in the shade. #1222