15 Pink Perfection Seeds-1198

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These large bushy plants are one of the nicest. Blooms are a soft pink and literally cover these robust plants throughout the growing season. Each plant produces dozens of stems from 2 to 3 feet high. These are easy to grow and will do well in almost any soil type in a sunny location. These are very hardy from zones 4-8.

The medium to dull dark green leaves are nearly heart-shaped at the plant's base, to a very ornately lobed, antler-like form at the stem tips. From early summer to early fall, lots of light pink to lavender-pink, five-petaled blossoms are displayed in clusters, attracting curious butterflies.

Grows in full to partial sun in any average garden soil that is moist. In very rich, fertile soils the growth may be very lush and weak and may need staking to prevent matting down in rainstorms. It is relatively short-lived, and some prune the perennial back in mid-fall to overwinter, perhaps prolonging each plant's life. Seeds will germinate near the mother plant. Use as a accent in a mixed border, massed in a foundation bed, or intermingled with ornamental grasses.