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Chenille Plant (Acalypha hispidia), also called Foxtails and Red-hot Cat's Tail, is actually a shrub in its native habitat — the Pacific islands. Grown as a houseplant for its unusual six-inch long red "tassels" of chenille-like flowers, the mature plant has leaves similar to Poinsettia. Fact is, they're related (both are in the family: Euphorbiaceae). They are easy plants to grow, especially when provided the right conditions.

Started in early spring, Acalyphas can easily top seven-feet by autumn and will be a large, bushy shrub. Yearly pruning will be necessary to maintain a more manageable three- to four-foot height.

Bright light is needed to develop their characteristic dark green leaves but they must not be subjected to direct sunlight, cold night time drafts or excessively-dry humidity. Such unkindnesses will cause leaf-scorch, wilting and dropping of foliage. A good indicator of the conditions it prefers is its origin - the warm, humid, tropical landscape of New Guinea. Therefore, the trick here, in addition to bright light, is warmth (consistently above 70 degrees Fahrenheit), high humidity, ample moisture and a rich, humusy soil. Feeding is required every 14 days with any good liquid houseplant fertilizer (Peters® 10-30-20 is one which I prefer).

In the Fall, when growth slows and flower tassels look tattered, decrease plant height to about half, and re-pot in fresh high-compost soil if necessary. Reduce watering and fertilizer and maintain a temperature of about 60-65 degrees (F).