15 German Tarragon Seeds-1227

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**I LOVE plants that can be neglected and still thrive well!** **GROWN ON OUR FARM HERE IN TENNESSEE** **Germany Tarragon Herb** This perennial herb is used in many fish, meat, and pasta dishes. This variety is very hardy and actually prefers poorer soils, and will withstand long periods of drought and very cold soils. As with many strong scented herbs, tarragon can be used as an organic method of pest control when grown amongst plants which are particularly prone to attack! Attractive Germany tarragon is a very hardy herb commonly grown for its aromatic leaves and peppery-like flavor, which is used in flavoring many dishes, but especially popular for flavoring of all vinegars. Growing this tarragon can add a sophisticated herb to your garden. Tarragon seeds should be started indoors around April or before your area's last expected frost. It's usually easier to sow about 4-6 seeds per pot using moist, composted potting soil. Cover the seeds lightly and keep them in low light at room temperature. Once seedlings begin to sprout, or reach a couple inches tall, they can be thinned down to one plant per pot, preferably the healthiest or strongest looking. Seedlings can be transplanted outdoors once temperatures have significantly warmed. Tarragon herb plants should be grown in areas receiving full sun. Space tarragon plants approximately 1 ½ - 2 feet apart to ensure adequate air circulation as well. They should also be located in well-drained, fertile soil. #1227 *** We offer combine shipping ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!****