15 Crenshaw Melon Seeds-1225

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**I LOVE plants that can be neglected and still thrive well!** ****GROWN ON OUR FARM HERE IN TENNESSEE**** Crenshaw Melon [Cranshaw, C. melo (Inodorus group)] A Crenshaw melon is a hybrid melon with very sweet, juicy orange flesh. Crenshaws are among the sweetest of melons when they are well cultivated, making them a popular melon during their peak season between July and September. When ripe, Crenshaw melons are roughly ovoid, with a golden-yellow, slightly ribbed skin. Inside, the melons are a rich salmon pink! The melons were bred by crossing casaba melons with Persian melons, also sometimes called Cranshaws. The favorable traits of both melon varieties successfully manifested in the cross breed, and it quickly became one of the more popular melons on the market. The melons can be eaten plain as a snack food, mixed in with fruit salads, or wrapped in prosciutto for a twist on the classic prosciutto wrapped melon appetizer. Crenshaw melon sorbet is also a great summer treat, and some people like to pickle slightly green Crenshaws to eat year-round. As all melons prefer warm weather and full sun, the Crenshaw melon grows best in hot to temperate climates. In many cases, a ripe Crenshaw melon will pull itself off the vine with its own weight. In other instances, a very gentle tug on the melon should separate it from the vine. As is often the case with melons, most of the crop ripens all at once, so be prepared to give away large volumes of melons, since you will probably not be able to eat them all. Once all the vines have borne fruit, remove them and recondition the soil for the next crop. Heavy yields, scrumptious Sweetest flavor, and ease of growth! 70 days from transplants! #1225 *** We offer combine shipping ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!**** ( Your first item is .99cents and all others are only .10cents each for SHIPPING!!!! )