15 China Hami Melon Seeds-1323

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CHINA "Hami" Melon

Chinese "Hami" melon (approximately 110 days

* 15 SEEDS*

Delicious. It was crisp and very sweet, and pretty juicy, too. It’s a little milder than a reg. cantaloupe
This is a very special rare variety melon in which the seed originated in the Xingjiang area of China.

Oblong in shape with yellow skin and green streaks throughout, the Hami melon has a juicy orange flesh.

Its flavor profile is reminiscent to a very sweet cantaloupe, with more flavor and firmer crunchy texture.

The Hami melon originated in the northwest province of Xinxiang in mainland China over 700 years ago and has been popular with the Chinese for centuries.

It is said that the Hami melon was not originally produced in the Hami Prefecture but in nearby Shanshan. Because King Hami sent it to the Qing Emperor as a tribute,
hese melons are sweet and refreshing and are a wonderful addition to breakfast. Also, try them with a sprinkle of ginger, salt, or a squeeze of lemon or lime.

These melons add sweetness to fruit salads or in refreshing drinks, such as fruit punches or daiquiris.

Hami Melons are hand-selected for excellent quality. Choose firm with sweet fragrance.

Look for fruit heavy for its size, yielding slightly under pressure. Keep cut or ripe fruit in refrigerator for up to three days