7 Golden Zucchini Vine Seeds 1367

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# 1367 Golden Zucchini Vine -Rare Heirloom - 7 seeds Our Organic very rare yellow or golden vine zucchini is very easy to grow and retains the typical zucchini flavor and firm texture, but is slightly sweeter. It does not taste like traditional crook-neck and straight-neck squash, as their texture is a bit softer and flavor is milder. (Cucurbita pepo L.) High-yielding plants with an open habit and few spines make it easy to harvest blemish-free fruit. Excellent disease resistance keeps the plant productive over a long season....Days to Maturity:35 to 52 Generations-old, heirloom varieties handed down from gardener to gardener, they are some of the most precious and unique types available. Many originated in Europe centuries ago and were brought by immigrants to the USA.