35 Giant Southwestern Blue Indian Maize Seeds 1365

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#1365 Giant Southwestern Blue Indian Maize - 35 seeds This type of Organic corn certainly goes back to the pre-Colombian era. An extremely popular corn "Sweet in flavor" for making numerous specialty foods such as blue corn tortillas, chips,pancake mixes, and breads and also cornbread mixes, corn chips, and cereal.chaquegue, a type of gruel, and nixtamal, which is a type of hominy. Blue corn was also reputed to have healing properties when offered as a beverage,. Atole de maiz is a beverage made of ground corn with add-ins like chocolate or chiles....blue corn can be eaten raw, baked, broiled, fried and simmered for use in soups and stews. Kernels ripen to a dark blue color in this flour-type corn. Deep blue kernels on a 10" - 12" ear. Strong and very tall stalks.........Studies at Colorado State University indicate that the protein content of commercial blue corn is consistantly 30% higher than dent corns in adjacent fields,...Pigments with antioxidant activity called anthocyanins give the deep shades of color to blue corn, In fact, blue corn has higher levels of anthocyanins than the super food blueberries. Giant Southwestern Blue Indian is a variety native to the southwestern United States. Sweet in flavor, it is a dietary staple in New Mexico.