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# 1364 Kiwano Melon - Rare - 7 seeds .... Taste has a combination of banana, lemon, Passion Fruit, zucchini and cucumber, lime, mango pineapple and watermelon ... Kiwano melon ( Cucumis metuliferus ) For over 3,000 years, this Melon or Kiwano Melon has been fascinating the produce world. This native of South Africa, hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture zone 10 and up, thrives in mild climates that resemble its natural environment, but can be grown about anywhere as annual... melon's resists common afflictions such as root-knot nematodes, powdery mildew, melon aphids and greenhouse white flies.... ...Very easy vine to grow,.... Ripe Horned Melons will have a bright orange shell.... The seeds are edible. Kiwano Melon shells can be used as unique servings bowls for soups, sorbets and desserts. A melon is one fruit that truly intrigues! In fact Specialty Produce provides us with quite a few vernaculars for this Cucurbitaceae family member including: kiwano, African Horned melon, African Horned cucumber, hedged gourd, jelly melon, blow fish fruit, cherrie and melano. All of these names surely catch my eye but so too does the actual fruit. From: Health Benefits Times It really is one of several unusual as well as distinctive looking fruit along with spiny lumps. They’re usually oval in shape, together with the dimensions of moderate papaya. Whenever harvested, this particular fruit is green that turns to orange, whenever ripe. In contrast to the flashy orange outer skin, the jelly like inner flesh is lime green in color and is also interwoven along with horned melon seeds. The seeds are engrossed in gelatin like substance. The interior flesh can be used for preparing salads or as fruit snacks or may be used soon after sweetening its puree. Although, before trying this exotic fruit, wouldn’t you want to know what it could do for you internally first? Here’s some of the health benefits that the Kiwano provides: Contains numerous Antioxidants – Vitamin E has several health advantages which includes healthy skin, heart, muscles, nerves, and red blood cells. Vitamin E likewise helps counteract harmful free-radicals that can induce long-term illnesses just like heart problems as well as cancer. Beneficial to your Eyes – Vitamin A is a vital nutrient for the assistance of the retina function within the eye which retains eyesight. Vitamin A additionally fortifies the strength of the mucosal lining, the very first line of protection from infection within the nasal passages, throat and also intestinal tract. Good for Metabolism – Zinc sources within the diet is essential mainly because it plays a role in the development of protein, that repairs wounds and also produces blood cells. Zinc additionally takes part in the function along with discharge of insulin essential for normal carbohydrate metabolism. Stops Premature Aging – Vitamin C is essential for the generation of collagen, an element of skin tissue utilized for making as well as repairing epidermal as well as organ tissues. Some of the most impressive health benefits of kiwano include its ability to improve cognitive ability, prevent certain types of chronic diseases, aid in weight loss, protect the skin, boost the metabolism, increase eye health, strengthen bones, optimize digestion, and speed up wound healing. This fruit could be kept in room temperature for a minimum of 2 months.... Always eat kiwano ripe ... Several food writers state the seeds are delicious, and that the fantastic sweet and also sour taste is actually a complicated mixture of banana, cucumber, lime, mango pineapple, Passion Fruit, and watermelon tastes.