35 Mixed Snapdragon Seeds- #1353

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Hi ya'l, ..... here's our scary one from ancient times .....Looks just like human skulls....... The Antirrhinum majus commonly known as the snapdragon has been a popular garden plant for many years. Also known as the dragon flower, its common name derives from the resemblance of the flower to a dragon’s head.......Antirrhinum majus is a herbaceous perennial native to the Mediterranean region.... .... Fun Facts : Language of flowers, the snapdragon was designated to symbolize deception and presumption.....In ancient cultures held the snapdragon to possess supernatural powers. They were thought to offer protection from deceit, curses and witchcraft if they were planted in your garden. Another myth maintains that they are able to restore youthfulness and beauty to any woman who ate them. It’s a wonder that the witches didn’t raid the gardens in which they grew to repair their own ravaged features.... If you gently press on the sides of the flower at its base, the 'mouth' of the flower will snap open and shut like a Chinese dragon's mouth. Open and close it a little gentler and you can imagine it to be the twitching nose of a rabbit......This complex flower structure has evolved to manipulate the robustness of bumblebees into a more effective system of pollination. Like many orchids flowers, the Antirrhinum majus flower is designed to be a trap which will not open unless a specific pollinating insect tries to gain entry, The plants are pollinated by heavy bodied bumblebees who have the strength to push through the mouth of the flower. Once inside the flower closes over the bee and deposit pollen onto their bodies......Once pollinated the flower dies back to reveal a rather unsettling sight. Each seed pod looks like a miniature human skull .....Snapdragon flowers are beautiful when in bloom...Mixed colors..