35 Mixed Blue Lake/ Kentucky Wonder Seeds- #1352

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Here's two best mixes, Blue Lake Pole Beans, Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans.....Children love to have “secret” places hide or play in. Such enclosed areas can spark many stories in their imagination. You can make such a place for children in your garden with just a little bit if work. And the bonus is that you can also get a wonder crop of green beans or pole beans in the process...... ..................How to Make a Bean Tee pee........... You will need: 7 - 9 long bamboo poles or any poles with do, some twine, string or even masking tape, and pole beans seeds.......Start off by finding a suitable spot in your garden and dig the earth over in a circular shape. A circle with a diameter of 3-4 foot is usually perfectly adequate.....Firmly push the ends of the bamboo poles into the ground by about 3 inches on the outside of the circle.......... Leave a gap between two of the poles to act as the entrance to the bean tee pee....Tie the bamboo poles together firmly near the top using twine, string, a bit of old rope or even masking tape....... There is absolutely no fine art in tying the poles together - the main and only aim is to ensure they are all VERY firmly held in place, as no matter how careful kids are, they are likely to knock the poles when going in and out of the tee pee!......Plant the pole beans seeds about 2 inches deep. Plant them on the inside of the tee pee rather than the outside, as this makes it easier to hoe and keep weeds down - anything growing on the outside of the bamboo poles are weeds!.......It is usual to plant two beans per pole. That should ensure at least one healthy plant per pole.......Water generously............... Beans usually take between 7 to 14 days to germinate. Once the seedlings appear, protect them from slug attacks...... When the beans are a few inches high, loosely tie them to the poles. From then on, they should find their own way up...... When the plants reach the top of the tee pee after about 7-8 weeks, nip the growing ends off. Keep them well watered during a dry patch, especially once the pods have started forming.....Once the dense foliage of the runner or pole beans has climbed up the bamboo poles and provides a cover, your bean tee pee is ready for it's inhabitants. Pop a blanket inside for the perfect private hide-away!......Big Kids and Grand kids Love it...Here's two best tasting bean mixes, Blue Lake Pole Beans, Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans. TIP'S on the pole bean tee pee – Think about where you want the door to be in relation to your backyard and home windows. We chose to not see the door when looking out from the house.....Staking the poles in the ground was a lot easier than pushing them in because the ground below was rocky. And even though the tee pee is 10 feet from the house, high winds could make it fall over. Still, if your garden area is soft enough and you’re not worried about the playhouse flying away, you may opt to forgo the stakes.....Attach some climbing character – Once the structure was stable, we started attaching old grape vines to the tee pee in a whimsical pattern.....You can use long twigs or anything strong enough to support a vine. Attach them in such as way that it makes it easy for the bean vines to travel up........ mixed seeds.