5 Catalpa Bean Tree Seeds

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Hi ya'l, ..... here's our Southern bean Fishing tree ...... " Catalpa Bean Tree " (Catalpa speciosa) .other names Indian bean tree and cigar tree for Catalpa bignonioides and Catalpa speciosa.. only food of the catalpa sphinx moth......These Caterpillars are highly desirable to anglers as bait,...they are about three inches long..... some dedicated anglers plant catalpa mini-orchards for their own private source of "catawba-worms", particularly in the Southern states. The larvae eat large quantities of leaves, causing no harm to the tree........This tree is a spectacular sight that puts on a show of white trumpet-like flowers and follows with long beans that is added interest throughout the winter season..... This is one of the most versatile species, considered to be tough and durable.and can be pruned to any size...... large heart shaped leaves are one of its distinguishing characteristics. The leaves are bright green and stand out from other trees by their color. This landscape feature is a spring delight with its show of white trumpet shaped flowers with lavender highlights in the middle. After the flowers are gone, large pods that look like huge beans grace the branches,.. It is a very fast grower and an excellent choice for all fishermen ..... worms are known as excellent fish bait. Many fishermen will look for the worms to put on their hooks, as they are attractive to most fish. They are part of the life cycle of the Ceratomia catalpae, a night moth. Here is a guide to these caterpillars....Fun Fact: you can smoke the Catalpa beans!....The name catalpa comes from the name given to a tree by the Native American tribe, the Catawba of South Carolina. It is said that the Indians smoked the bean pods for a hallucinogenic effect,(not sure of this).Disclaimer - The herbal information on this post is intended for educational purposes only. so the tree became known as the "Indian Cigar Tree", the Indian bean, and smoking bean...The name Catawba means “River People.” ...but they say the effects are better, if you let the dried beans soak in a bowl with some apple cider vinegar until it evaporates and dries the bean back out. Don't forget to break the bean into 3 or 4 1 1/2 or 2 inch pieces before soaking. Cut it up fine after the soak, and Dry the catalpa 'cigars' in the sun - until they are dry (they turn black) - and snip off each end to smoke and enjoy the nice smooth flavor!....also Catalpa is used as a tone wood in guitars.....The worm can be preserved alive by placing it in cornmeal or sawdust and packing it in a glass jar and frozen indefinitely. When thawed, they become as lively as the day they were frozen.