45 Honey drip sorghum seeds-#1346

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Hi ya'l, .... here's our tall sweet one from Tennessee....Heirloom Honey Drip Sorghum... Grows 8-14' tall.... Tennessee and Kentucky lay claim to being the top two sorghum producers in the nation... Honey Drip is Rated as the sweetest and favorite sorghum syrups for the flavor!... Sorghum is certainly not a new crop, however. A native of Africa, sorghum cane was introduced to the United States in the 1850s as an alternative to sugar cane.... sorghum is full of nutrients. It’s also a versatile ingredient in many recipes, from bread and cakes to barbecue sauce, and is a flavorful complement to vegetables, such as green beans and corn......If you ever grown corn you can grow sorghum...Also makes the best sorghum Moon Shine, and sorghum Wine ever!... Honey Drip Sorghum produces 168 gallons of syrup per acre.........Ranks with wheat, oats, corn and barley as among the most cultivated grains in the world....... It is used as flour, cereal grain, sweetener, livestock feed, and in the making of brooms. Best known in the South for making molasses during an all-night boil where the juice is pressed from the stalks and reduced down in a large pot over a fire until it becomes a rich dark syrup. Nutrients: iron, phosphorus and potassium... Sorghum has so many uses. Harvest for syrup. Feed the left over canes/leaves as silage to goats or cows/horses. Save the seed heads for the chickens,ducks,rabbits,and birds!