10 Donut seeds #1341

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Doughnut seeds are super easy to grow: Donut seeds germinate in 2-4 weeks- cover seeds 1/4 deep and keep soil moist ( not too wet tho !!) The Donut seeds will grow to 1 1/2 ft. tall and 2 1/2 ft. wide and will be covered in the prettiest doughnuts you'll ever seen!!-We have a variety of chocolate, strawberry iced, and plain donuts in the collection. as the plant grows eat as much as you can to forget about that diet you been on!! (Fun Facts) Ya'l can also use Fruit Loops to get more colorful “doughnut varieties.” - Thank ya'l, Rob ( fake for a good fun!!) Here is one of the best APRIL FOOL'S DAY pranks on the market, (although this could be a used all year through if you like)