10 Monster Tomato Seeds 1333A

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......Hi ya, here's a few " Monsters " we grew this summer-pictured is our Great Nephew Caden and our Grandson Ryder.......(Lycopersicon lycopersicum).....Heirloom/open pollinated..... ...Monster Tomato-They get very Tall-and very Big- Best for fresh eating or on sandwiches, in sauces and salsas, and is perfect for canning and freezing. .....Very large competition variety...... Vigorous plants are disease resistant and produce heavy yields.....Giant size & the perfect old-fashioned tomato flavor are the selling points of this big beauty.....Enormous beefy red tomatoes, with the traditional beefsteak appearance. fruit are intense red through & through, with meaty texture and rich tangy sweet tomato flavor..... ..Fun Facts : Start seeds early and then get planting. Use black plastic to warm the soil and plant protectors so you can start planting a bit sooner to get a head start. Plant in well-amended soil and allow for plenty of space for each plant. Plan a support system. Plants WILL get big, but the tomatoes will get huge and will need a heavy-duty support........ Extra-big monster tomato blossoms.....These are two or more flowers that have grown together to form one big flower. Tomato like these will grow fruits that are joined together to create a monster tomato...... Help with pollination. You can take one tomato flower and brush it against another to speed pollination. You could also use your finger or a small brush to help spread the pollen..... Clip the plant and some fruit. Some gardeners prune their plants to leave just a single vine and others allow for one stem and a secondary branch. At about the mid-point of summer, harvest all but the biggest tomatoes from the plant...... Garden Monsters is known for growing to a height of approximately 14.28 feet.....Garden Monsters Tomato is normally fairly low maintenance and is normally quite easy to grow, as long as a level of basic care is provided throughout the year. Being aware of the basic soil, sun and water preferences will result in a happier and healthier plant......$ 2.50 a pack of seeds..................Try to plant in a location that enjoys full sun and remember to water moderately. Keep in mind when planting that Monsters is thought of as tender, so remember to ensure that temperatures are mild before moving outdoors. The USDA Hardiness Zones typically associated with Monsters are Zone 3 and Zone 14. Ideally plant in loamy soil and try to keep the ph of your soil between the range of 5.5 and 7.5 as Monsters likes to be in weakly acidic soil to weakly alkaline soil...... 10 seeds