100 Summer Savory Seeds-1255

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SCIENTIFIC NAME: Satureja hortensis
ZONE / HARDINESS: Annual - not applicable
MATURE PLANT SIZE: 12 to 18 inches high x 10 to 14 inches wide
LIGHT: Full Sun
FLOWERING PERIOD: July to September
SOIL TYPE: Average soil
pH RANGE: 6.8


Summer savory is a tender annual that grows up to 18 inches tall. It has small bronze-green leaves and very small white or lavender flowers. The leaves are pungent and spicy.

Summer savory is popular as a condiment with meats and vegetables and is generally considered sweeter than winter savory.

Sow seeds directly into the ground 1/8 inch deep or just scatter on top of the soil. Prefers full sun and average soil. Thin to 10 inches apart in rows 16-18 inches apart. Successive sowings may be made in the spring until mid-summer. Summer savory germinates quickly, and often self-seeds. Cut as soon as the plants get about 6 inches tall and before flowering. Hang in bundles upside down in an airy place. When dry, remove leaves from the stems. Store in containers.