100 Spearmint Seeds-1094

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Spearmint plants are an herb that can be a great addition to any home or herb garden. It can be a flavorful and aromatic addition to many dishes and drinks as well. Spearmint is easy to grow, thriving all over North America.
The spearmint plant is primarily grown for the oil in its leaves and used in spearmint flavored and scented products such as gums and soaps. Spearmint leaves can be used fresh in cooking and baking, but they can also be dried and made into tea. Spearmint is also used in various medical applications and has anti-inflammatory properties. The website Spearmint Plant recommends chewing cleaned leaves for a natural breath freshener.Caring for the spearmint plant is easy, as the plant normally is grown in partial shade but can tolerate full sun. Spearmint requires nutrient-rich soil with plenty of organic matter. If the plant is grown in a pot separate from the garden, it should be watered daily.