10 Russian Watermelon Seeds-1160

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This russian white watermelon has very sweet, crisp, white flesh and black seeds beneath a bright green rind with dark stripes. Fruits to 4.5 kg (10 lbs). Russian white watermelon does exceptionally well in colder climates like Coastal B.C. and New England.
Matures in 85 days.

Give your watermelon plants ample space to grow -- at least twenty square feet per plant. The vines of the watermelon can get very unruly, so the more room you leave for them to grow, the happier they'll be. Once you notice your first watermelons growing, keep an eye out for the fastest growing (not necessarily the biggest) fruit on each plant. When you know which watermelon is growing the fastest, pick all of the other fruits off, allowing only one fruit to grow per watermelon plant -- this will allow you to max out on size. Water your plants daily and never let them dry out during fruit the fruit production stage.