10 Colossal Chestnuts-1327

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**I LOVE plants that can be neglected and still thrive well! **GROWN ON OUR FARM HERE IN TENNESSEE *** Worlds largest Giant Colossal Chestnut ** * 3 SEEDS * EASY ~ GROW Giant Colossal Pedigree: sativa * crenata Origin: USA Largest Chestnut Bloom time: Early Median female flowers: 5 Maximum female flowers: 7 Tree growth habit: fast growing with medium height Harvest: Early Nut per lb: 8-12 Nuts per burr: Usually 3 Production: California central valley 4500 lbs per acre - other places it produces about 3500 lbs per acre Pellicle: removal varies depending on growing conditions Split kernels: Some Pollen: Sterile Cold Hardy: -20F Cultivar discussion: For almost all commercial chestnut growers the Colossal chestnut tree is the industrial producer of the largest nuts, the most nuts, and starting at a young age (sometimes as soon as the 2nd year. The tree is more spreading following the Japanese heritage. Nuts usually fall free of the burrs. Nut fall is early. Late spring frosts can be an issue with burning the early leafs/buds. Most other charististics of this tree follow the normal description for chestnuts. Description/Taste Sweet flavor and smooth texture "sweet and mellow"